Folksaga by Caleb Heisey

This is some really beautiful illustration and package design by Caleb Heisey, an MFA candidate at Tyler School of Art. The project was art directed by Paul Kepple of Headcase Design.
A standard post created using some basic elements including a quote, ordered list and a popup image. As a web designer you need to consider what people do with their hands and heads.
On the preservation front, in an editorial is provided with a spread of ways for safely storing your work. the primary of those is one with that you’re possible familiar: like several alternative services, associate editorial options an always-on autosave.

Preserving your work

As you’re employed, the app is consistently saving your work. you’ll check on the standing of the auto-save at the highest of the page report whether or not it’s busy saving or if it’s wedged. This post images are under copyright © Caleb Heisey

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